What are you doing here?!?

…If you have followed me at all over the years, you know I have an approach to life.

What I do here is not just about “how to lose weight with the latest fad.”

I have an overall philosophy going on here.  I help spread the news about the alternative ideas that are not being explored in the mainstream, that are contributing at the least to our over-fat condition in the western world, and more importantly to the overall condition of our health and well-being.

Everyone wants a hot and sexy body, but without the mentality and life-approach, lasting results simply WILL NOT HAPPEN. 

Think about it: They CAN’T happen.

The people who maintain their level of health and body actually believe in something the vast majority of the time.  What I have discovered after having been online with my teachings for a while now, is that it is THIS critical component that NEEDS to be adopted by a person in order to have success.

Too many people will read this and become disinterested, and not care about this message.


The people I associate with who have the same level of success that I do, ALL have this mental edge built into the way they live their lives.

“Yes,” motivation is a factor.  And I include the most awesome-est tools ever to help with motivation (tools that remain under-utilized and yet for a great many…once they’re used…become a HUGE part of their overall ability to create real change in their lives).

But even more so, it’s about REALLY WANTING to literally create a NEW LIFE for yourself and your loved ones.  To live your life in a different way so that you create different RESULTS.

We all know what doing the same thing over and over again creates.  (The SAME results).

Come on board with me because you want to give your amazing machine (body) the best chance it has to obtain a state of health that is reflected in its outwardly appearance.

Because you WANT more energy.

You WANT more ease of movement.

You WANT a clearer head.

You WANT less pain/discomfort/inflammation.

You WANT more happiness.


…And you want it to last FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

The body will come.  You’ll see.

Just make obtaining superior health as much of your pursuit as obtaining that body that you desire.

The over-4o crowd has needs that a 20-something does not.  I’d know, I’m a ways past 40 at this point. 😉  Our culture is embracing new ideas about the idea of aging, as the “youth movement” takes hold and discriminates less against what age is appropriate for what standards. 

The status quo has always been a bunch of CRAP in my book.

Want me to use more slang words expressing exactly what a load of GARBAGE I believe it is?  (Oh, because I CAN…wanna tempt me???)  😉

“40 IS the new 25.”

…Because WE can MAKE it so.

All that has to mean is that we not buy into what we’re supposed to be at any age.  And that we embrace new ideas about the nature of aging that afford us the chance to regain and maintain youthful traits at absolutely any age and disregard much of what is expected of us once we’re past a certain age.

What the heck is FUN about buying into the ideas that we have to get fat, old and broke in body, mind and spirit as we age, and who the heck said we had to?!?

Worse, there seem to be powers in place that want us to buy into these ideas.  (Don’t get me started)

You see those people who age beyond gracefully, maintaining healthy bodies and minds well into old age.

If some folks can do it, why can’t we all?

…It is my contention that we CAN.