Thinking of getting liposuction done as a fat-loss short cut?


The University of Sao Paulo found that liposuction can effectively reduce abdominal fat, but that the trade-off is an increase in “vicseral fat,” an increase in fat cells surrounding various organs.

Turns out we can’t trick the body.


Exercise was shown to be an effective way of avoiding this visceral fat from forming. 

The point here is that the right lifestyle will get us to where we are trying to go.  If we use surgical means to reduce our fat, without adjusting the lifestyle accordingly, the increase in internal fat disposition will almost surely increase and can lead to much more serious health issues than what the abdominal fat was causing.  In the latter case, as I reference in so many of my presentations, fat is being used as a protective cushion, to isolate the internal organs from toxins or other issues as well as acting as a depository for the end results of excessive sugars and fats in the blood.

I use the signals my body provides to provide me with self-evident updates and progress reports on the state of my nutrition and health.  I have learned to read what changes in my diet are causing what kind of effect on my body and mind.  My body can and does fluctuate, granted in mostly only minor ways as you have seen in my videos throughout the years.

I use the areas where my body tends to store fat most readily as the calorie and carbohydrate gauges that I can count on.  If I am showing a bit more fat in my mid section, I know that the majority of the time, due to my diet lifestyle, my body is going into energy conservation mode and a greater intake of (likely carbs) is needed to compensate.

For those who will not exercise, or cannot to reach their goals, they will have to depend upon diet exclusively to obtain the results they are after.  In those cases, if one were to opt for liposuction, an internal fat increase could be used by the body to compensate, and this could in turn lead to health complications that one does not want.

So let’s instead use the natural signs our bodies provide us with, such as that of excess fat showing, to help us self-determine how what we’re doing affects our bodies.

As you can guess…(I have received this question a couple times)…”NO,” I have NOT had any liposuction done.  🙂