Going on a diet is simply not going to work:

We first have to define what it is we’re talking about:

In the context of “dieting,” or to “go on a diet,” we’re talking about using some sort of specific eating tactic to attempt to lose weight, and of course hopefully lose it permanently.

When we talk about “the diet” or “as part of my diet,” I am referencing what I would eat normally, on a day to day basis.

In other words, I do not “go on diets,” and I do not do “dieting”…because neither will ever work over the long haul, as we have proven to ourselves for a long time now.

I think we have enough decades of experience behind us at this point in our culture to know, that diets are temporary; what we need to be doing is engaging a way of eating that becomes permanent, and therefore part of our overall and consistent approach to losing weight and fat.

It is the only way weight loss and fat loss can work.  The catch-word since the early 2000‘s has been “lifestyle.”  Rightly so, because all of those models we see on the covers of the fitness etc. magazines on a regular basis are living their lives a certain way.

“Yes,” some of them do “diet” before a shoot…but the point is that the “diet” is temporary, likely to chisel their bodies down to paper-thin-skin levels that the rest of us do not need to do to still look amazing.  The ultra-low body fat levels are likely not even healthy on an on-going basis, and even the competitors and models themselves acknowledge this.

But in their off season, or off-shooting schedule, the vast majority of them still follow a *lifestyle* to both maintain their health and their looks.  And they look very close to the way they look at photo time during this off-season.  (So much so, you’d hardly see the difference).  I know this for a fact because I am one of those people, and I’ve been reading about and following other professionals for literally decades now.

Once a certain mode of eating and activity level is viewed as simply a part of every day life, and NOT some specific side venture based on temporary changes, everything falls into place, and stays in place.  I am never thinking to myself how much I am dreading what I am eating, nor am I making constant sacrifices that make my life miserable.

And my time at the gym is simply a normal part of my life routine.  It is not something I think about any more than I think about driving to work in the morning.  It’s just something I “DO.”  There is no dreading, and for the gym, as you will find if you are not used to the gym (or where ever you choose to work out) it becomes something that is very often looked forward to; a time to perhaps either be by one’s self, doing something for one’s self, or at other times, a light social opportunity that mixes with “getting work done” (on your body).

Please keep this in mind as you read the rest of my site.  And if you believe this may be a bit of a challenge for you…”yes,” it may very well be…but I have incredible tools to help with the proper mind-set, that really work, and always remember that the rewards are huge…not only with the end result, but also in your journey getting there…I promise!