Just Do W.O.L.F. :

Whole Organic Living Food.

We NEED to get back to real food.  The produce section of our store, not the aisles filled with boxes and bags.

I have discovered that a huge number of people are completely unfamiliar with the produce section, let alone the idea of growing our own foods.

Now I don’t intend to complicate things, but not ALL organic produce is healthy for EVERYONE under ALL circumstances.  I try to present more information about this in my articles and video content to help educate people as best I can about the things I have learned.

We need to remember that although there are some general ideas in weight and fat loss, and overall health, that TEND to apply to just about everyone, we have to remember that those standards apply most to the people who are relatively healthy to begin with.

And even those people may have food issues that they are not aware of.

Simply, this boils down to food sensitivities and food allergies.

We will save that topic for another time.

But in general, people can benefit enormously…more so than they realize…just by getting back to the produce section, familiarizing themselves with it, and begin incorporating some of these real foods, preferably organic whenever possible, back into their lives.

Farm markets are of course another outlet for our WOLF.

The ideal, of course, being our own garden!

My program offers what I feel is the best-of-the-best in real raw food living options, currently it’s around Day Two of the program, where you are introduced into a full-blown raw fooding lifestyle, which includes literally living off nature…even weeds…literally for free!

I realize this is a huge transition for some people.  The point of my lifestyle is that it incorporates these kinds of options so that I can benefit as best I can from what is available, without the need for a huge sacrifice that is not do-able with the western world life that I am fully engaged in.  The difference is, I benefit as much as I can from these alternatives, so that the western world that I do participate in actively, does not, at the same time, eat me alive with the virtual poisons that it too often places on offer.

I feel strongly we need these “return to roots” (pun?) options.  And even that they NEED to be incorporated back into a great many of our lives not just for the sake of a fat-loss effort, but far more importantly for an overall body and mind health effort.  The raw food lifestyle, living foods, real produce and real food, feeds our soul.  They impart energy and well-being. 

What the reader may have the most difficulty believing is that these foods can be, and are, also extremely fulfilling.  Perhaps the reader wants to have a raw food eating (or even cooked produce, just nothing processed out-of-the-box for a change) experience, and be a part of that movement that continues to grow, but believes it is not something they can do full-blown with 100% engagement.  I know I couldn’t do it either.

So instead, I built the option into my way of life so that I DO derive benefits from it and DO participate in it actively in cycles, such that my body and soul are fed (literally) and I can “blend” with the rest of society at the same time when the circumstances may require it.

It does not have to be an “all-or-nothing” venture.  Too many folks get caught up in this notion, and then will not even hardly utilize this great method to derive the advantages from it that it offers, and therefore miss out entirely on how tremendously much it can enhance one’s state of health and happiness.

We should all do WOLF, and I think most of us know this.  Learn about Whole Organic Living Foods; the seasonal varieties of fruits and vegetables and which organic versions are available in your local area.  Get to know a local farmer or visit a local farm market on those Saturday mornings or whenever they hold the public markets in your area.  Get to know the vendors.  Get yourself a good juicer as I discuss elsewhere in my material.

And do Whole Organic Living Foods for just a week or so straight, and see how you feel.  I can pretty much promise you…you will notice a profound difference.