I do use a fasting cleanse as a part of my routine, BUT…

…I do not know of anyone else who does it the way I do it.

I developed a unique form of fasting in conjunction with a doctor out on the west coast who was helping me back in 2005 when I was very ill.  He had an anti-pathogen protocol that he used, that I had never seen discussed elsewhere at the time.  What I did was to accentuate it a great deal, with far superior supplements than the ones he was using, and with what I feel resulted in far greater results.

It’s a simple concept; if we are going to be clearing out the colon, it is the ideal time to also reduce our bodies pathogen load in  the process.  I have come to refer to it as a form of “pathogen management,” since we are ultimately simply trying to live in constructive harmony with our internal ecology; “good guys” and bad, healthy flora and parasites that we share our bodies with.

Where there are toxins, there is always a breeding ground for pathogens.  Bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites of all kinds.

Think about the amount of time that has passed for an over-40 body that has never participated in any kind of intestinal clean-out.  The junk foods consumed in quantity over the course of our lives, and the confidence we place on our bodies to be able to efficiently rid the body of excess wastes, and keep all running smoothly.

For some, this ends up becoming an overwhelmingly huge demand placed on the body.  One that it likely can’t grapple with for a lifetime, and has begun to show various signs of this weakness in ways we may not always recognize outside of gaining extra weight in the mid section.

In this light, the benefits of cleansing can be enormous.  It is still not encouraged in western society, regardless of it being embraced in other cultures and for long periods of time.  There must be something to it, if it is that readily accepted as a course of life in other parts of the world.

So many people have written to me over the years telling me about how a cleanse has impacted their lives.  Without exception, they have been nothing but positive, with the occasional “extraordinary” mixed in.

I start my entire program explaining how I do my fasts.  The neat thing is that over time, I have been able to reduce the frequency of these fasts way down, opting for alternative ways of cleansing with food instead (and will explain those options as well).  As many people discover who do cleanses regularly, one does tend to get to a point of just being very “clean” internally.  We measure this by the results we get in the toilet during each morning’s “flush.”  Without getting too graphic here, it becomes easy to tell when the excrement is basically “clean,” as compared to eliminating more than just the every day fecal matter.

Then we can reduce both the amount of time fasting itself, as well as the frequency of the fasts in turn.