This IS a necessary learning curve folks.  You get two e-books in the first email, and then daily emails that I call “sub-chapters.”  In each, will be at least one video link, and often more than one.  I have tried hard to keep the email sub-chapters AND video content as brief and easy to understand as possible so that they take up only minimal time each day, while explaining EXACTLY what you need to know about THE most important fat loss and health topics.  Some of it, I can virtually assure you, remains somewhat “undergound.”  The media certainly isn’t paying any attention to it! 


-Two different initial approaches or “Styles” as I refer to them: Style 1 includes my own proprietary fasting protocol that combines detoxification with parasite removal (no other “Master Cleanse” style fast uses my uniquely powerful method that both helps restore intestinal health as well as clean up the systemic mess most over-40-ers are dealing with).  Have you EVER participated in ANY kind of cleanse?  If you’re over 40, and you have not, in my opinion it is MANDATORY.

-My alternative fasting/cleansing methods based on green juicing/smoothing, should my primary cleanse style be too aggressive for some of you, or if you are diabetic.

-A “Style 2” approach that continues the education from a slightly different angle, and gives you an easier route, but slower route, to accomplish the fat loss.  Some people mix the two Styles which is entirely do-able once you understand the concepts behind each.


-Food addictions people aren’t even aware of and how they make us FAT.

-So-called “healthy” foods that are creating an obesity epidemic (are ALL grains truly healthy for EVERYONE?  Sometimes, yes…sometimes definitely “NO”).

-Carbs: The often-misleading glycemic index.

How/Why/When cardio/aerobics can and does make people fat.

-How 100% of overweight people have a pathogen issue of one kind or another in their bodies, how it contributes to weight/fat gain and the inability to chisel the abs, and what can be done to resolve it.

-The vital importance of immune system health for fat loss and longevity.

-Maintaining with organic foods…and the new line of certification of foods that may turn out to be even BETTER.

-Powerful self-help tools that overcome emotional eating habits, assist greatly with motivation, and help you foster an increasingly positive attitude. (Why don’t other programs cover this more?)

 -The food pyramid.  Basically, it’s a load of bettle dung on a cow pie (hence the triangular shape).  And you’d be better off eating the latter than adhering to the pyramid.

-An initial anti-grain approach.  Which grains and why.  Get ready to “Go Against the Grain.”  Be unique, it makes you special, dammit.  Just because commercials tell you “grains are good” doesn’t mean they are…especially when you’re over weight/excess fat.  (And note how the newest fads are finally using the anti-grain tactic, as I’ve been teaching since I started).


-A cleanse.  If you’ve never done one, I have a couple options available to you, and “no,” they are NOT optional.  We gotta get the colon cleared out and we will.  No colonics, enemas, hydrotherapy “water-up-the-butt” gigs, there’s a better way that will not over-relax the colon.  “Butt” for or the record, (and seriously), colonic irrigation can have applications for those who are ill.


-How/why the cleanse is a must, beyond just the colon; toxins store themselves in fat.  And we are ALL toxic.  (Ain’t we ALL gettin’ FAT?!?)  We are living in contaminated costumes that need to be cleaned.  Living in a toxic world that the forces of commerce are not willing to change.  I am in a perpetual state of detoxification, every day.  Have more energy, think clearer.  Drop the “I’m gettin’ old” whine, no one wants to hear it.  You have options and I’ll show you them.


-How to avoid the “Insane” workouts that you see on TV, with all the “Rah-Rah, kill-yourself-for-over-an-hour-to-lose-fat” crap.  Does it work?!?  YUP.  It also adjusts your metabolism downward, so that once you stop, you gain it back.  (Wanna kill yourself every day for the rest of your life to remove fat?  I sure as heck don’t).


-A study proving my style of working out is WAY better, just as I’ve always known it was.  The study refereneces women, but it applies to men as well.  My friends used to mock me for my “that much cardio ain’t gonna work, it’s not *nearly* enough” style.  My friends are all a bit chubby, btw.  More for me to hug.

-Muscle building equals fat burning. PERIOD.  This is NOT about getting muscular ladies!!  If you want shapely tone, and you’re over 40, both your body and your age are demanding that you hit the weights.  Skinny-fat sucks.  Toned curves ROCK.  I show you how to do it with minimal time, and without a CHANCE of you getting big manly muscles.  What you think “muscles” are, and what they ACTUALLY are, are two different things.

-Start with just one set per body part my friend.  JUST ONE DAMN SET!!  Can you fit in just 10 to 20 minutes of effort every other day to start (and perhaps STAY at) to get some serious, noticeable results?!?  If not, do not order my program, no tire-kickers allowed.  You’ll stain my white walls.


-And how about the lousy food manufacturers.  Kinda a contradiction in terms, to “manufacture” food, no?  They have stock holders, and you better believe they answer to them.  Keep that food tasty and addictive, to keep sales coming in…come on now…don’t they HAVE to?  Where’s the profit margin if the food is bland but good for you?  Pump in the fake sugars and fake salts to keep ’em comin’ back fer more. (Ka-CHING!!!)  And watch the quarterly dividends roll in.


-The foods to start with for the first one to three months to transition into a wider scope of foods.  A little initial sacrifice that turns into no sacrifice at all.  How you can and WILL get used to great alternatives in food that will give you the nutrition your body wants and needs.  (I am *almost never* craving junk foods…REALLY.)  So much so that you will find your old foods literally abhorrent within a relatively short time.  Imagine it!!!


-Cycling carbs properly.  Atkins DOES WORK.  Problem is, no one is doing it correctly, and living on a high protein/fats (meat/dairy/cheese/butter) low carbs is not the road to optimum health in my opinion.  Avoiding carbs is also absolutely NOT the answer.  Understanding which carbs and why IS, and then throwing them properly in the mix.


-Starch…(corn, potatoes, etc)….”Yes?”….”No!”….(wait)…Maybe??….Absolutely NOT!…(But sometimes).  I’ll explain what I eat in this area, when, how and why.


-Fast Food Restaurants.  “Fat Food Restaurants” as I call them.  When and how I eat at them.  (Hint: Oh hell, I’ll just tell you right now…I DON’T EAT AT THEM).  McDonalds, KFC, Burger King ALL equal garbage food.  I’d rather eat the heretofore mentioned cow pie than eat any of that crap.  I’d have a better chance at pulling some nutrients out of the dung than I would any of that alleged food.


-The anti-pathogen necessity to health for ALL over-40-ers.  Think this is not relevant?  Guess what: You will reduce/eliminate a LOT of pain, AND…one fellow using an alternative technique lost ONE HUNDRED FRIGGIN POUNDS, with NO DIET CHANGE, doing NOTHING but removing pathogens from his blood for the record.  I’ll show you what I used to get myself well, out of pain, clearing up my body, mind and spirit.  Life is SOOOOO much better after I tackled my (unknown at the time) pathogen burden.  The cleanse above will be a part of that path.


-The nature of chronic conditions and how these conditions may be keeping you fat (isn’t obesity a “chronic condition?”)

-How my intense need to find answers to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohn’s, Celiac Disease, Candida overgrowth and Lyme led to permanent fat elimination (doctor’s records verify my permanent weight loss since 2005).

-Pain illnesses, suffering in my own life creating this program.  Reducing and eliminating pain based on the approaches that work for so many people, including myself, and avoiding the doctor’s drugs: nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, toxicity and pathogens.  I’ll show you the most common causes in these areas and why experimentation can be so darn effective, giving you your life back.

-Inflammation: Bang your elbow, and your elbow swells; common sense says excess fat seems to make a person look “swollen”…the hidden tie-in that aging seems to increase, and what to do about it.

-Hidden sugars, a MAJOR problem.

-How candida/yeast, an established hidden fat and disease producer, is being reduced and/or defeated with alternative remedies your doctor knows nothing about, and that I use every day (more powerful and *yet* FAR safer than any prescription I know of).

-How and why most foods in the western diet HAVE to make you fat, by default.

-How most people with excessive fat actually ARE in a pre-diabetic condition, how you can COMPLETELY REVERSE this, even though the medical profession will insist there is “no cure,” and the ignored factor in this problem that is the likely real mechanism, or “cause” of the elevated blood sugar. (Hint: It is a part of our diet that mucks up insulin’s ability to do its job).

-How to ensure you will feel “full” AND satisfied when eating healthy foods; re-learning how to eat PROPERLY (this is crucial to success).

-How starving yourself is NOT the answer to fat-loss, and is actually ENTIRELY COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

-How to naturally lower your stomach’s capacity.

-Renewing your taste buds to enjoy the taste of healthy foods, including how to get enough greens in your diet.

-How to lose your taste for junk food (and tricks I use to negate bad carb cravings).

-How, why, and when to actually EAT sugary foods so that it BENEFITS you (YES, there is a time when healthy “cheating” is not only encouraged, but NECESSARY to obtain…and MAINTAIN…your goals!)

-The latest in truly effective exercise to produce much faster results (hint: the days of hour-long cardio are OVER, and what I offer is EVEN BETTER THAN HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING). A video demo for beginners that will seriously knock the crap outta fat, and is easier than you think.

-By client request, I now include my own personal workout routine IN FULL in the workout portion of sub chapters and video.




-The “Maintenance Phase,” after we’ve achieved our goals, in which the styles can vary somewhat dramatically, and as we then begin to incorporate certain foods back in.

-Is the raw food craze good or bad…and just what IS it? (Fruit; not good at one time, possibly great at another, I’ll explain the difference and why).

-How to stop getting sick for the over-40-er.  I never get sick any longer.  Minor sore throat is always my first symptom, and gone within four hours every time.  When you have the world’s best natural anti-pathogens, why would I ever risk getting another vaccination with all the who-knows-what’s in it?!? (And all the warnings at the CDC’s own site explaining where people can go for reimbursement for their vaccination injuries?!?)  I live on an insane planet.

-Supplements: go easy on ’em, cycle ’em, but DEFINITELY USE THEM…but ONLY when you understand them.  Once you’re over 40, there are a good handful or so that safely and effectively increase the quality of one’s life so profoundly that there is no way I would NOT use them.  And they’re hella’ better than being addicted to meds, with no side effect profiles a mile long and work WITH the body, as opposed to AGAINST it!  (Hint: we sure as heck will NOT be taking Centrum or any of those typical “multi-vitamins.”   There are FAR better options).  The idea is this: we use them minimally, and almost “medicinally” when in good health.  When in bad health, we use them in specific ways, under different circumstances, to very often reduce or even completely eliminate the problem.  Responsible, respectable use of supplementation is the ideal.


-Entire revision of both my e-book and Quick Start Guides are on-going, making it easier to understand and follow, and several brand new videos just added with the latest in cutting-edge diet and workout technologies and tactics.

-…And all the information you will need to give you LIFELONG (NOT temporary) fat loss, energy, and health!