One of my missions: STOP the “A hot bod is two hours at the gym every day” thinking!

I’m trying to let those over 40 know that obtaining fantastic results absolutely positively does NOT require that we spend hours at the gym each day.  The professional competitors are there for one to two hours a day.  For the rest of us, we can obtain comparable…VERY comparable…results with just 20 minutes to a half an  hour devoted to concentrated work (with rests) EVERY OTHER DAY.

In the beginning stages, if there is a lot of extra weight, perhaps we will do more than that.  I have what I call my “Hi/Lo/Hi/Lo” technique that can be utilized up to three times a day maximum, but only in the beginning stages and only for a few weeks to few months at the very most.  This amounts to very literally less than TEN MINUTES for each of these three sessions.

Who can’t spare under ten minutes here and there to get truly dramatic results?!? 

(And if a person can’t, perhaps they need to figure out what their priorities are).

The three-times-per-day option IS entirely optional.  It’s the MOST work a person would be doing in the initial stages using my Hi/Lo/Hi/Lo tactic.

The beauty is, this method is now verified and proven through actual studies to be the very best way to fat loss, enabling the body to revert to using the stored fat as an energy source, as compared to reverting to the consumed sugars and carbs.

I remain flabbergasted to this day, as I STILL see people teaching long and hard cardio sessions…just TODAY I saw someone else STILL teaching this!  ‘

“Yes,” we know that carbs and fats are burned based on certain levels of heart rate versus time spent at these heart rates doing cardio/aerobics.

But the point is, WHY (I’m really yelling now)…WHY would we tax and exhaust ourselves (let alone spend that much time), ESPECIALLY BEING OVER 40, knowing that we are subjecting our joints to more wear, dampening our immune system, tiring ourselves out, and depleting our energy reserves IF WE DON’T HAVE TO?!?

We have this perception among the masses, thanks to a never-ending media barrage of convincing, that we MUST do a TON of work in order to have great bodies.

It is true that the best of the best bodies do put serious effort and time in.

But for the rest of us, the non-competitors, non-athletes, we HAVE options that afford us the chance to have really great bodies with low bodyfat and low risk utilizing shorter duration yet high-intensity efforts instead.

I’m on a mission, as one of my core missions in telling my story, to prove to people just a couple things; one of them is that these killer workout sessions and “insane” programs that we all know by name, are great at getting  people into “Rah-Rah” mode and spending money to join their cult, but that there are easier ways, virtual short-cuts, that the science and research has proven to be worthwhile, and for whatever reason…are STILL not being promoted in the mainstream (or at least only to a certain small percentage) while the techniques of years and years past are still being adhered to promoting the same ole’ same ole’ as if “this is the only way.”

And people are believing it.

Look at me and know I never do ANY of that stuff.

p90X’s base program is about $120.00 at the time of this writing.

My story is not.

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