OK TIM!  Gimme-Gimme-Gimme!!!  Send me the Over 40 and Ripped program NOW, you simply MUST be on to something.  You’re weird, you don’t show your face, your sense of humor is borderline, but since 2008 your online videos have demonstrated nothing but hard bod, non-stop…I MUST know what the (bleep) you’re doing!!!


An e-book/manual covering everything in the “Topics Covered” tab above, as well as describing the approaches and theories; what science proves is now working, as well as theories behind alternative approaches that I’ve used to successfully maintain my fit body. Some of these are rarely to never discussed, and yet could be the core problems causing rampant ill-health and obesity today.

—An initial ten days worth of daily private email/sub-chapters and videos. Detailed daily sub-chapters that compliment the e-book above, and private videos that will provide all of the details on my approaches including instruction and detailed explanations; the hows and whys of fat loss and superior health, along with the most cutting-edge information you have EVER heard. This provides you with the EDUCATION you need to achieve LIFELONG results. Once you have this education, there will be no need for further diet programs, pills or fads.

Periodic email updates and product promotions detailing the latest and greatest of health-enhancing, vitality-producing, pathogen-destroying, and weight-maintaining supplements that really make a noticeable difference in a person’s life. Please note: **I** use them MYSELF, because they WORK. Else I’d NEVER promote them! (You get discounts on all of these amazing and often life-changing products, and many of the sales commissions go directly to charity) :-)

—And FINALLY, the BRAND NEW “QUICK START GUIDE” that my customers rave about and as seen in Kindle format on Amazon: You will receive the brand-new guide with your first email in pdf format, along with my e-book referenced above (sent as two attachments). The new guide includes the FIVE FOCUS POINTS you MUST implement immediately to obtain the FASTEST results. 100% *RESEARCH PROVEN* AND VERIFIED:

FOCUS POINT 1: New understandings relating to calories and carbs. End the confusion about how carbs REALLY impact fat gain, and how certain carbs are ABSOLUTELY BENEFICIAL for your results.

FOCUS POINT 2: The ingredient you MUST AVOID in order to lose fat (it is currently in so many foods that those unaware of this ingredient will have little hope of losing fat).

FOCUS POINT 3: New info on liquid calories and carbs.

FOCUS POINT 4: The latest, greatest, most powerful exercise tactic there is, backed by studies that I will reference, that I have been using myself for YEARS now that I finally realized no one seems to understand. It will be fully explained, and usable IMMEDIATELY for EXTREMELY FAST RESULTS.

and FOCUS POINT 5: The mental and emotional obstacles that so many deal with when it comes to eating AND HOW TO FINALLY OVERCOME THEM SUCCESSFULLY, WITH JUST A SMALL EFFORT.

AND SPECIAL BONUS SECTION FOR MY OVER-40 CROWD: “WEIRD TIPS THAT WORK”…You all know I’m a weirdo, that’s a given.  Wait till you read these tips…kinda actually outright “tricks”…that can greatly assist in your efforts to avoid certain foods.  They work.  Um.  Yeah.  They work.


PLEASE NOTE: I would NEVER sell, exchange, or trade your email address.  Once you place the order and we obtain your email address for the program, no one else will ever have access to it.

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VERY IMPORTANT! All programs from this website come to you by email.  You will not receive anything by snail mail.  If you do not receive an email from “Maintenance Motions” (the company who sends my program to you) in your inbox, please make sure to check your bulk folder for a “Response Required…” email from “Maintenance Motions” to confirm your sign-up. The email will be sent upon purchase, and you must respond to the email to activate the program.

PLEASE REMEMBER that you must check the email account associated with your paypal account.  Your e-books will be included as attachments in the first day’s email upon activation, along with the rest of the program that you will be receiving daily. The email from Maintenance Motions should be there within just ten minutes.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE INITIAL EMAIL WITHIN A FEW HOURS, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY AT THE MAINTENANCE MOTIONS (maintenancemotions at yahoo dot com) YAHOO ADDRESS. 



The ENTIRE program, minus email correspondence, is available to you for a mere $4.99 through Amazon at this time!

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Email Consultation Offer:

Email consultation for fourteen and thirty days is available via the drop down menu below, should you wish to take advantage of it.  Some people like to have someone to bounce ideas off of, or to help better understand the material.  The 14 or 30 days starts from the time of purchase.  I will contact you within a day of your purchase to begin correspondence.  Always allow 24 hours for email responses.  I do remove this offer when I become too busy.  If the option exists in the drop down menu now, the offer is currently available.

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