What if it’s the GRAINS, that we’re all taught are soooo good for us, that are causing a HUGE number of our problems?

It is my contention, and that of the latest open-minded researchers, that that is exactly what is happeningMost of us are aware of the wheat and gluten issue that finally began to really take hold in wider circles around 2006 or so; you could see the food companies beginning to cater to the gluten-free crowd and not only offer food choices that did not contain wheat, but also taking out the other gluten-containing grains, AND going the length of producing these foods in gluten-free facilities. 

They are on to something, but only because the consumers are demanding it.  There is still so much that many of these companies are doing wrong, that the consumers themselves will have to educate them as we go along.

You’ve seen my free videos from around 2008 or 2009 that referenced grain elimination on our path towards a fat free and healthy body.  The big news is that most people still do not understand how intimately intertwined these two factors are when it comes to grains.  This topic goes way beyond mere gluten concerns and Celiac disease.

I do therefore teach a period of grain elimination, and I explain why.  Am I completely against grains?  Absolutely not!  I in fact consume specific grains on a daily basis.  I just have my own personal opinions about which ones and why, and my choices are supported by long-term stats (including one culture that uses specific grains and has for thousands of years) that when used properly, and without allergy issues, can be a great added starch to the diet that is comforting, fulfilling, and provides a more complex-carb energy source.

These foods are however NOT for those who are idle by nature.  They can be capitalized on by those who exercise regularly, and can be used in sprouted forms in even larger quantity when ill and in a “wasting” state, but they need to be understood and utilized according to individual need.  The way I am using them currently, should not be attempted, in my opinion, by someone who is struggling with their weight.  I even suggest a full one to three month elimination from the diet of these kinds of foods during the initial phase of weight and fat loss.


Because it is simply far too beneficial and effective.