I’ve been teaching this for years based on common sense, before the actual science was released.

If we drink something that *tastes* sweet, but get no glucose result, the body will crave MORE of the sweet in an attempt to OBTAIN that needed glucose.

Simple sugars are absolutely needed by our bodies.  Our muscles and brains depend upon them as a necessity.  And, we obtain a dopamine release from their consumption.

EXCESSIVE sugars, and the wrong kinds, are where we lead ourselves into trouble.

And no dopamine release from artificial sugars at all.

(And in my opinion, just another toxic load that the body must work to process and deal with.  A sour subject for another time.  Hint: I am against ALL artificial sweeteners *without exception*).

I will cover all of this in the program so that it’s understood.

In the meantime, long term (ten year) studies out of the University of Texas Health Center are showing a gargantuan 178% greater increase in waist circumference compared with non-diet-soda consumers.

Shall I continue?

Or has the point been made.

Diet soda is crap.  So is all soda for that matter.  But the carbonated, artifically-sweetened variety are especially insidious to the health of our people in my firm opinion.

If the manufactures of such poisons would like to come out and prove that carbonation does not create a carbonic acid condition in the blood and that artificial sweeteners are not excito-toxins nor impacting appetite negatively nor increasing insulin nor causing increased storage in fat cells…

…I’m all ears.