Why It’s Important to Avoid Laxatives in Weight Loss Efforts and Bowel Cleansing:


First a quick and fun (?) story:

I was talking to an old friend of mine from my high school days, whom I ran into when I needed to rent a storage unit and realized he was the manager of the facility.  I will use Tom as an example of another interesting health-oriented topic pertaining to fluoride, but for this page we will discuss his bowel habits.  He seems more entertained than anything that a great many strangers like yourself are about to read about his colon, so let’s take advantage of his looseness (pun?) and learn from it what we can:

Tom was working as an accountant a few years before.  He became so busy at times that he would not take the time to even use the bathroom when he needed to.  Felt a need for a bowel movement?  He’d “hold it in for later,” since he was too pressed with other things to be sitting on any stoopid ole’ toilet.

One day, Tom discovered that his need to go potty was kinda “stuck.”  So much so, that when he finally did sit down on his throne, nothing came out, despite a definite need to evacuate.

It became so serious that he took himself to the hospital.

A look inside his colon lead to the high-level, advanced-degree, medical diagnoses from an accomplished physician of…

“to be blunt…you’re full of shit!”

(The doctor’s exact words).

Tom took a laxative they gave him that caused him a rather abundant flush of the stuck fecal matter.  He emptied out in his seated position for a few hours, and the situation resolved itself.

Since then, he claims that every time he eats now, he has to go number two immediately afterwards.

Interestingly, he is also a different person from the Tom I used to know.  He has had a truly dramatic personality change from his younger years, so much so, that it has concerned me a great deal.

I will not go into that topic for now.  But instead, will simply state that the health of our colon MUST be a priority, since it is one of our primary detoxification as well as nutrient-uptake and immune system building organs, and needs to be treated as such.

Which leads us to the use of laxatives in fat loss.

Using laxatives to lose weight is something of a secretive, underground route to what can amount to rapid weight loss in some instances.  What makes it so “underground,” is that it is a form of “cheating”…it is not only unhealthy from the standpoint of forcing the body to do something that can be accomplished much more naturally, but also literally addictive from both a physical and psychological standpoint.

Understanding the types of laxatives:

-The Stimulant Variety

-Stool Softeners

-Osmotic Laxatives

-and Fiber Supplements

I listed the stimulant laxatives first, since these are the most problematic.  The body can become dependent on these kinds of laxatives as they agitate the interior of the colon, and potentially even create a damage that makes nutrient uptake that much more difficult.  Occasional use…OK…Regular use…NOT.

Senna tea is an example of a stimulant laxative.  I would use the tea about three times a year at most in my earlier days of this new lifestyle, but have not used it since approximately 2008 at this point in time.  It works!  Holy “CRAP” (pun) it works.  So well, that the results are nearly violent.  And that alone should be an indication to anyone that we need to be careful with its use.

The stool softeners are commonly used to soften the hard “pellet” varieties of stool, while the osmotic laxatives pull moisture into the colon to assist with evacuation.  A great example of the latter are the magnesium products out there, such as the milk of magnesia or the epsom salt (magnesium sulfate).  The osmotic laxatives will be a preferred route to the other two varieties listed above for me personally, since this form of magnesium can be beneficial (in small quantities for occasional use) and adding extra water to the diet not only compensates for the water-pulling effect of these laxatives, but benefits the body in other ways as well.

Lastly, the fiber Supplements are my safest alternative, many of which can even be of great benefit if the person is lacking adequate fiber in the diet, which is where we will try to get our fiber from first and foremost.  I also use a fiber supplement during the fasting cleanse, as a great way to fill the colon, and gently and naturally “scrape” the interior of the excessive build-up that we all accumulate over the years, especially anyone exposed to the western diet (which is pretty much the whole world at this point).

My use of the fiber supplements has slowed over time, to now only occasional use.  This is thanks to my “diet cycling” technique, that affords me both natural dietary fibers as well as healthy fats…an often unrecognized component to assisting with bowel movements…to keep me regular.

“Look Mommie!!!”


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