Another easy life style change that benefits not only your overall health, but now being proven to help you take the weight off:


The University of Washington School of Medicine Sleep Center is proving that sleep duration is a crucial factor in  people with a genetic susceptibility to weight gain.

The study was carried out with identical and non-identical twins, enabling the researchers to separate environmental from genetic factors as best as possible.  People who slept the longest had the lowest body mass indexes.  Insufficient sleep increased BMI (Body Mass Index) in people who may be genetically prone towards obesity.  In those same people, sleeping more than nine hours a night reduced the obesity risk to normal levels.  (Sleep, 35: 597-603, 2012)

 I am sometimes convinced I was born into a society on purpose, who does things very differently from what has always been an innate part of me, so that I could introduce people to a different approach.  The idea being an overall increase in health, happiness and sexy body such that it would not be a cumbersome, and dreaded path, but instead one of joy and as much fun as possible.

In that regard, I have been fascinated with dreaming ever since I was very young.  I have always been able to remember dreams easily, and the most fun was during my lucid dream experiences.

While not the subject matter of this site, I have utilized that state of consciousness to not only explore from a sort of spiritual standpoint, but as a huge part of my overall growth and of course health, in that the dream experiences happen in the deepest states of sleep.

Being someone who enjoys working and activity, I have found a balance between both being awake to accomplish and move forward in life, while using this mysterious state we all experience at night as a self-improvement tool on multiple levels.

Consider this viewpoint as a possible approach to getting more sleep.  Deep sleep is physically rewarding and assists us with weight loss.  And it also offers us the opportunity to expand our consciousness in ways that seem to only benefit us above all else.  How often do we inadvertently learn something from a dream we just woke up from?  Is is a spectrum of our day-to-day life that western society has disregarded and ignored, when perhaps it is a tool we all have at our disposal that we can gain much more from instead.

To help you sleep: The magnesium supplement I promote promotes stress and pain reduction, and can definitely assist with getting to sleep.  Similarly, try an epsom salt bath, which again is a bath with magnesium added just before bed.  This technique tends to work well for the vast majority of people.

And stay off the computer for two hours before bed if at all possible.  Some recent studies are proving that the computer keeps people up at night, not just due to either entertainment or work, but the technology itself has a physical impact on the body that reduces our ability to fall asleep.  They even have specially designed glasses to use before bed, if you find you must access the computer at that time, to help prevent the device from causing sleeplessness.


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